Textbook Order Service

Application for textbook order service used in every semester is on!
1. The textbook order service starts before the coming semester, dealing with textbook ordering and purchasing for the school students. To facilitate the ordering process, the commissioner of department or graduate institute please announces this news to the teachers in need to fill in the form “Textbook Order Service Application Table” to order texts for every semester. Deliver the form by fax (886-2-23636905) or e-mail (ntuprs@ntu.edu.tw) to University Press, we will deal with it a.s.a.p.. If you have any further questions, please contact with us by 886-2-3366-4949 to Mrs. Weng or e-mail (ntuprs@ntu.edu.tw).
2. Order services for foreign texts are restricted to domestic import distributors; books may not be returned. Please adhere to the above regulations, and do keep in mind working hours are dependent upon the publishers or distributors.
3. Group order service is the main service of NTU Press. We serve the campus teachers and students the group price/discount, and welcome teachers to encourage students to buy. Encouraging for using publications of University Press to be the texts or references; welcome to download NTU Press publication catalog from the website (http://www.press.ntu.edu.tw).