Publishing as a Guide to Scholarship, Linking Research with the Classroom
National Taiwan University (NTU) Press publishes primarily academic works, together with various textbooks and general titles. Each book is rigorously reviewed and professionally edited before its publication.
Stressing High-Quality Academic Books, Providing Expert Textbook Publishing
In the humanities and social sciences, the influence of academic books reaches far beyond that of individual articles. But due to the lack of a creditable review mechanism upon which practices of hiring, promotion or award-granting can be based, researchers are often reluctant to publish scholarly works. In view of this, NTU Press is dedicated to printing books that have undergone thorough evaluation. By using contribution to scholarship as the strictest yardstick, it provides a platform that gives researchers the recognition they deserve.
Furthermore, in order to enhance teaching effectiveness NTU Press has added a series of textbooks to its lists since 2012. Emphasis is directed to the diversity of subject matter as well as the balanced development of the humanities and natural sciences. With our experience in professional editing over the years, we not only offer authors a superior creative environment, but also encourage the use of nativist project materials to inspire greater interest in textbook writing and publishing.
The Press publishes the majority of its books in Chinese, supplemented by Japanese and Taiwan-related English titles. It welcomes potential contributors from all over the world to send scholarly works to the Press for publication.
For more information please go to http://www.press.ntu.edu.tw/?act=publication
Applying Rigorous Pre-Publication Reviews 
The Press employs the highest standard of independent anonymous reviews by scholars and experts to determine whether a work is qualified for publication. The statement “This book has been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by National Taiwan University Press” on a book’s copyright page guarantees that it has undergone the most meticulous screening by the editing staff. All humanities, social science and natural science textbooks are also subject to evaluation of their respective contents.
Presenting Diversity and Richness
Over its 20-year history NTU press has invited scholars and experts to edit or compile a wide range of distinctive book series. Chief among these are the National Taiwan University and Harvard Yenching Institute Academic Book Series, the Taiwan Studies Series, the Literature and Culture of Taiwan Series, the History of Chinese Thought Series, as well as the NTU Philosophy Series, the Historiography Series, Climate Change Policy and Law Series, the Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal, and the Complete Works of Yin Hai-guang. Other examples include a collection of well-received textbooks such as A Grand View of “The Red Chamber Dream”, Reading like a Historian, Calculus, and Seed Biology.
For the latest catalog, please visit the website: http://www.press.ntu.edu.tw/?act=catalogs
Marketing to Advance Scholarship, Connecting Taiwan with the World
The promotion of scholarly publications not only brings books and readers together but also motivates further reading.
Diversifying Sales to Heighten Global Visibility
To enhance reader interest, NTU Press has put out a variety of pamphlets introducing its publications and held lectures on new titles or scholarly topics, enabling authors, scholars and readers to talk face-to-face and bring academic issues into everyday life. It has also participated in international book fairs in Taipei, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Beijing, Tokyo and the Association for Asian Studies in the United States. Furthermore, the League of National University Presses was set up in cooperation with local institutions to highlight the resources and capabilities of the university presses in academic publishing. All these promotional efforts have extended the influence of our writers to countries all over the world.
Building Multiple Physical and Online Sales Channels
In recent years NTU Press has actively expanded its global marketing channels in cooperation with local and foreign companies to facilitate reader access to its publications. In addition to long-term relationships with 28 physical concerns, such as United Distribution Co. Ltd. and Wu-Nan Book Inc., we have set up close links with 13 online retailers, including Books.com.tw. Online book fairs and other promotional events have provided easy, reader-friendly access to buyers. To promote sales abroad, we are working with 14 establishments, among them the Japanese bookstores Kinokuniya and Bunsei shoin, and conduits such as Xiamen International Book Company and Hong Kong Chinese University Press have enabled us to gain entry into the market in China.
Accessing the Global Market through Copyright Trading
By means of copyright trading granting overseas publishers translation rights into foreign languages and simplified Chinese characters, our top-quality publications have become a vital means to showcase Taiwan’s academic achievements abroad. At the same time, we have translated into Chinese works written in English and Japanese on Taiwan studies and Sinology research for the perusal of local scholars. The translation of foreign-language textbooks has also brought top-level international scholarship into Taiwan for better global interaction.
Publishing Digitally to Advance Academic Communication
To expand publishing operations and marketing channels, NTU Press is simultaneously promoting the sales of both print and electronic versions of its publications. Professional firms are given non-exclusive rights to place our titles on e-book platforms to reach overseas markets. Through online sample reading both paper books and e-books achieve greater visibility and academic influence. Already over 400 titles can be read online, and the number is increasing steadily. Among the present users are 150 local colleges and universities, together with many overseas institutions, including Harvard and Yale.
Serving Faculty and Students, Linking Campus and Society
The scope of our operations covers maintenance and activation of the university’s intellectual property rights, development of the school’s image souvenirs, and management of the college book stores, all of which are closely associated with teaching and research.
Protecting Intellectual Property Rights to Spur Academic Writing
NTU Press is a top-level office in charge of all matters pertaining to the university’s intellectual property rights. It is dedicated to the firm protection of the research accomplishments of the campus community. Any work authored by faculty members or on-campus divisions, published with NTU funding or under its name, receives professional legal assistance when printing rights are granted to a third party, thereby ensuring full protection under the law.
Providing Free DOI Registration for Campus Periodicals
The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration provides each article published in the journals a specific internet identity, allowing readers easy access and facilitating academic citation and information dissemination. The registration of numerous campus periodicals effectively brings the university’s resources into the global arena.
Developing the University’s Image Souvenirs
To enhance bonding among members of the NTU community and showcase the college’s rich diversity, we have designed and developed numerous image souvenirs that resonate widely with alumni and students alike. Chief among the hot-selling items are a limited number of commemorative stuffed toy bears, for example, as well as cotton tie bags, cloth book covers, campus seals, campus building blocks, and self-adhesive tape.
College Bookstore Services
NTU Press runs three bookstores on campus. In addition to sales of our publications, the stores also offer textbook-ordering services for students, allowing them to buy books at reasonable prices. The store in the Gallery of NTU History displays and sells a large variety of mementos from the Press and other on-campus divisions, together with a diverse collection of high-quality souvenirs produced by authorized manufacturers. It is a favorite outlet for clients on and off campus, as well as visitors and alumni.