NTU Press has published more than seven hundred titles, including scholarly publications, educational publications, general readings, and multimedia publications.
Academic Publications:
Currently NTU Press has twelve scholarly book series in humanities and social sciences, with the chief Editors and Authors from Asia, North America, and Europe. All academic books go through a rigorous reviewing process. Of the 78 titles published in 2015, 52 are scholarly books. 
Educational Publications:
In addition to scholarly publications, NTU Press also puts effort into publishing textbooks. We actively seek out and collaborate with faculty in a wide range of disciplines to transform the wealth of knowledge and experience into textbooks and instructional multimedia.
General Readings:
To fulfill its responsibility to the general public, NTU Press produces several series of books for the general readership, including General Education Series, Voyager Series, Academic Writing Series, NTUH Health Series, and Instructional Series.
Multimedia Series (DVD):
NTU Press produces an impressive array of multimedia lecture series featuring many of the best writers of Chinese literature as well as lectures by foremost authorities on contemporary issues. The series, with 60 titles and about 80 DVDs, include the NTU Open Forum for New Intellectuals, NTU Literary Lecture Series, Pai Hsien-yung’s World of the Arts and Humanities, and Hung Yo-meng Literary Lecture Series.
During 2011 and 2016, NTU Press released six momentous publications, the Complete Works of Yin Hai-guang (21 volumes), The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal (73 volumes, 2 indexes), Reflecting Taiwan: Rendition of Taiwan Literature and History Studies (8 volumes), Rekidai Hōan (53 volumes),Slow Reading of Wang Wen-hsing (7 volumes), and NTU Press 20th Anniversary Selection (10 volumes). A system that significantly enhances the user experience of CR, the Chinese Recorder Index Search Engine (CRISE), was also developed and released in conjunction with the release of the Chinese Recorder.