Harvest Wind: Offshore Engineering

Kai-tung Ma(馬開東) 原作
Yin Fu(銀甫) 編繪

In order to reduce air pollution, the Ministry of Energy started a “Renewable Energy Program”.
May, an engineer from an energy company, is assigned to the challenging project that is to build a wind farm with “floating” wind turbines.

Taking on such a novel project, can May overcome all the difficulties and complete it?

Story by Kai-tung Ma
Professor. Born in Taipei. PhD from U.C. Berkeley. Presently teaching at National Taiwan University. Honored as Yushan fellow by Ministry of Education; fellow of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in the U.S. Previously worked in the oil & gas industry, providing engineering supports for offshore projects. Authored a textbook and many papers.

Art by Yinfu
Artist from Tainan. Won the first prize in a competition held by Yoshimoto Kogyo in Japan. Has published "Puppet", "Waker", “Meow-mystic emissary of wonder" and other works.

Chapter 1 Project Start
Chapter 2 Supervision at Shipyard
Chapter 3 GWO and HUET Trainings
Chapter 4 Boarding Anchor Handling Vessel
Chapter 5 Wind Turbine Integration
Chapter 6 Mooring System Hookup
Chapter 7 Clear Blue Sky
Team and Credits