A Girl From Shanghai

徐裕芬 著




Lilian Hsu, born and grown up in Shanghai, educated in Taipei,and professionally trained in the U.S., is a recognized medical geneticist. After seven years of study at National Taiwan University College of Medicine,she went to the U.S. and started her struggle from the bottom of the medical profession to become a board certified pediatrician and medical geneticist. In addition, she was appointed full professor in Pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City in 1976 and then in 1978 at the New York University School of Medicine. At the same time(1978), she was named as the director of the Prenatal Diagnosis Laboratory of New York City(PDL). She has published over 135 papers in academic journals.


Chapter 1 My Birth and My Parents
Chapter 2 My Aunt Wanted to Adopt Me
Chapter 3 The Years before the Japanese Invasion
Chapter 4 The War Started
Chapter 5 Frequent Air Raids
Chapter 6 The Years in Sichuan: I Started Schooling
Chapter 7 The Years before the End of the War
Chapter 8 Japan Surrendered
Chapter 9 Out Trip Back to Shanghai
Chapter 10 A Critical Period of My life
Chapter 11 The remaining time in Shanghai
Chapter 12 The high school days in Taiwan
Chapter 13 The College Entrance Examination
Chapter 14 Pre-med Years: Dating a Classmate
Chapter 15 A Student Physician” for My Parents
Chapter 16 Training in Psychiatry and an Engagement
Chapter 17 My First Year in the U.S.
Chapter 18 The Second Stop in the U.S.: San Antonio
Chapter 19 Married Life: The Birth of Our First Child
Chapter 20 Our First Year in New York: The Taste of Poverty
Chapter 21 My Fellowship Years From Endocrinology to Cytogenetics
Chapter 22 Moments of Happiness and Moments of Sadness
Chapter 23 Dad`s Achievements after 70
Chapter 24 Climbing the Ladder: A Career in Academic Medicine
Chapter 25 My Family Life: Raising Three Children
Chapter 26 My Best Friend,Happy
Chapter 27 One Door Closed; Another Door Opened
Chapter 28 The Beginning of the New Endeavor
Chapter 29 The Emotional Trip to China in 1978
Chapter 30 Taste of Being Someone Important
Chapter 31 The Years That Dad Lived with Us
Chapter 32 Chromosome Mosaicism Became My Subspecialty
Chapter 33 Work Stress and Health
Chapter 34 Part of Me Died – Was It My Fault?
Chapter 35 Life after PDL: The First Three Years
Chapter 36 My Grace Is Sufficient for Thee
Chapter 37 Approaching the Golden Years