Organizational Transformation Execution: Program Management Perspective (Expanded Edition)

James J. Jiang, Wayne W. Huang, Gary Klein, Xiaosong Wu

  • PublishedMay, 2024
  • Binding平裝 / 23*16 / 212pages / 單色(黑) / 中文
  • Publisher國立臺灣大學出版中心
  • SeriesTextbooks
  • ISBN978-986-350-817-5
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Organizational transformation has become the proposition of the digital age. And how to effectively execute organizational strategic changes is also the most-discussed issue in the academia, as well as a huge challenge for organizational managers.
This book summarizes a practical framework of the project management methods to assist learners in furthering organizational transformation projects and implementing their respective mission objectives.
Regarding organizational strategic changes, unlike a single project management perspective, this book explores four existing project management methods, clarifying their respective application scenarios and limitations, and presenting their individual applications through specific case studies. Through this book, readers and learners will systematically understand different project management methods and their pros and cons, and adopt the most suitable method in accordance with the needs of each organization .
James J. Jiang is the Distinguished Professor of Managment at National Taiwan University.
W. Huang (Wayne) is a National Yangtze Chair in Management Information Systems at Southern University of Science & Technology (SusTech), Shenzhen, China.
Gary Klein is Couger Professor of Information Systems at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.
Xiaosong Wu is Associate Professor of International Business at Beijing Normal University, China.


第一章 組織的策略變革
  1.1 組織策略變革的內涵要素
  1.2 組織策略變革實施的現狀
  1.3 專案管理視角下的組織策略變革實施
  1.4 本書導引
第二章 傳統專案管理
  2.1 傳統專案管理的動因分析:臨時性與一次性
  2.2 傳統專案管理的內涵要素
  2.3 傳統專案管理的過程方法
  2.4 傳統專案管理的局限挑戰
第三章 複雜專案管理
  3.1 複雜專案管理的動因分析
  3.2 複雜專案管理的內涵要素
  3.3 複雜專案管理的過程方法
  3.4 複雜專案管理的局限挑戰
第四章 專案集群管理
  4.1 專案集群管理的動因分析:不確定性和模糊性
  4.2 專案集群管理的內涵要素
  4.3 專案集群的生命週期
  4.4 專案集群管理的局限與挑戰
第五章 專案組合管理
  5.1 專案組合管理的動因分析
  5.2 專案組合管理的內涵要素
  5.3 專案組合管理的過程方法
  5.4 專案組合管理的局限挑戰
第六章 策略變革成功的組織驅動因素
  6.1 如何選用專案管理方法
  6.2 如何保證策略變革實施成功
  6.3 如何提升策略變革實踐力