Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason

J. L. Schellenberg; Lok-Chi Chan (trans.)

  • PublishedMay, 2023
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  • Publisher國立臺灣大學出版中心
  • SeriesHumanities and Society Series 21
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The first full-length treatment of its topic, Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason will be of interest to anyone who has sought to reach a conclusion as to God's existence, and especially to theologians and philosophers of religion.
In this clearly written and tightly argued book, J. L. Schellenberg addresses a fundamental yet neglected religious problem. If there is a God, he asks, why is his existence not more obvious?
Traditionally, theists have claimed that God is hidden in order to account for the fact that the evidence of his existence is as weak as it is. Schellenberg maintains that, given the understanding of God's moral character to which theists are committed, this claim runs into serious difficulty. There are grounds, the author writes, for thinking that the perfectly loving God of theism would not be hidden, that such a God would put the fact of his existence beyond reasonable nonbelief. Since reasonable nonbelief occurs, Schellenberg argues, it follows that there is here an argument of considerable force for atheism.
In developing his claim, Schellenberg carefully examines the relevant views of such theists as Pascal, Butler, Kierkegaard, Hick, and others. He clarifies their suggestions concerning Divine hiddenness and shows how they fall short of providing a rebuttal for the argument he presents. That argument, he concludes, poses a serious challenge to theism, to which contemporary theists must respond.
J. L. Schellenberg has developed the argument from hiddenness against the existence of God in a more thorough way than has ever been done before. I consider this book one of the six or seven most important books on the philosophy of religion published in the last fifteen years.
--Richard Swinburne, University of Oxford
Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason is a carefully argued, deeply insightful, and richly rewarding book. J. L. Schellenberg singlehandedly turned the problem of divine hiddenness into a major issue in contemporary philosophy of religion.
--Paul Draper, Purdue University

J. L. Schellenberg is Professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University.


第一部分 築構論證
  一 上帝的愛在認識層面的引申意涵
  二 對於有神論的強效認識處境是否可能?
  三 不信的合理性
  四 論述的總結
第二部分 論證的力量
  五 道德自由及其條件
  六 內在尋求的重要
  七 調查、多樣性與責任