《Mathemagical Cruise》offers shining examples of how to approach problem solving2023-08-17

Mathemagical Cruise
Liong-shin Hahn(韓良信) 著
Mathemagical Cruise is not a mere collection of fun problems with clever solutions. It offers shining examples of how to approach problem solving.
Each chapter is independent and can be read in any order by everyone with a basic background in high school mathematics. Some highlights of the excursion are:
● Slick Solutions of Double Sequence, Klarner’s Puzzle, Cube Tour, etc.
● Easy Proofs of Bolyai-Gerwin Theorem, Problem by P. Erdös and more
● New Year Puzzles (Especially, Year 2021 & 2022)
● Twelve Points on the Nine-Point Circle
● What's a Point in a Square?
● Five Circles through a 5x6 Grid
● Generalization of Ceva's Theorem
● Easy Approach to Coaxal Circles
● Inversion and its Applications
● Lattice Integer Triangles
● Isbell's Problem
● Sequence of Theorems of Simson & Cantor
● Miscellaneous Problems with Solutions
By cruising through these treasure islands, the reader will traverse mathematical boundaries. Be adventurous and inspired to explore the seas beyond the horizon.