An Interview with Director of the NTU Press: Paving the Path Toward the Academic Excellence2022-08-31

An Interview with Director of the NTU Press: Paving the Path Toward the Academic Excellence
Three years ago, Professor Chun-Che Chang, former Chair of NTU’s Department of Entomology, resigned from his position as a Chair to join the National Taiwan University Press. Since 2020, Chang has served as the Director of the NTU Press. “The work at the NTU Press is closely aligned with the academic research on campus. I love to read, buy books, write, and publish,” said Chang, “there is not just pleasure but also meaning in my work.”
Founded in 1996, the NTU Press has always been the leading academic press in Taiwan, dedicated to promoting academic development through its publication activity. The NTU Press offers readers the works of experts from a wide variety of disciplines and takes pride in pioneering knowledge demand as well as shaping the pattern of publishing quality books.
Unlike some other university presses, the NTU Press not only publishes the works of its own faculty members and researchers but also those of experts from all over the world. “There are no geographical limits—any manuscript from the North Pole to the South Pole is welcomed,” remarked Chang with a smile. Nevertheless, he hastened to add, “The NTU Press upholds the values of truth, goodwill, and perfection; these values will never be compromised.”
The press employs a rigorous reviewing and editing process to ensure the quality of its publications. At the 2022 Taipei International Book Exhibition, the NTU Press impressed the world with the excellence, professionalism, and wide diversity of its publications and souvenirs, demonstrating how academic integrity can offer wisdom and creativity.
“I study biology, so you will note a high degree of diversity here. Our publications cover a wide array of disciplines, from liberal arts to scientific research, and we hope to enrich the interdisciplinary landscape in the near future,” Chang confided. “Having worked at the NTU Press for three years, I now can fully understand why publication of the truth is power. This is an ever-changing world, yet despite all changes in the publication world, I insist on prioritizing impacts, rather than impact factors.”