A New Milestone: New Logo Launch for National Taiwan University Press2021-11-02

A New Milestone: New Logo Launch for National Taiwan University Press

National Taiwan University Press is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Since its establishment in October 1996, the press has published primarily academic works, as well as a variety college textbooks and high-quality general titles. The new logo was launched for this grand occasion and has appeared on every publication since August. This brand new visual is intended to add a burst of creativity and depth to the field of academic publishing in Taiwan.
A logo is a bridge that connects a publisher with the world and distinguishes the identity of the brand. The new logo of NTU Press presents an artistic interpretation of its abbreviation, NTUP, aimed to prompt readers to visualize the press’s English name “National Taiwan University Press” at first sight. Serif was chosen for the English font. Tracing back to ancient Rome, serif was the font carved into stone by the Romans in antiquity. To this day, serif is regarded as a classical and elegant font which bears incredible cultural and   historical depth.
The design of the Chinese font strives for visual harmony and is aimed to unite the images to showcase the importance and rigor of academic publishing. Moreover, it conveys the innovative spirit of the publishing house. To underscore the intimate connection between the press and National Taiwan University, a shade of brick red inspired by the buildings flanking NTU campus’s Royal Palm Boulevard was selected.
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, NTU Press launched the new logo to symbolize the press’s intention to transmit the fruits of significant research to the future generations, as well as open a new chapter in academic publishing at National Taiwan University. Besides appearing on publications, the new logo is also featured on a variety of merchandise sold by the press bookstore.