Feature Collections for NTU’s 90th Anniversary Unveiled2019-01-23

Recognizing the Past, Shouldering the Future:
Feature Collections for NTU’s 90th Anniversary Unveiled
The unveiling of the Feature Collections for NTU’s 90th Anniversary was one of the main events arranged to celebrate this significant milestone. The book launch was hosted in the Administration Building on November 6, attended by Interim President Tei-Wei Kuo, administrative leaders of NTU, members of the NTU editorial board, and several authors, including Dr. Simon Sze, Dr. Lian-Gong Chiou, and Dr. Ching-Hsi Chang. The attendees gathered to witness the academic and socioeconomic impacts NTU has made over the past 90 years.
NTU Press Director Tay-Sheng Wang delivered an introduction to the collections, which had undergone a rigorous selection process. The publication contains many of the most representative classics in the humanities, sociology, science, technology, agronomy, and public health. This range of fields reflects NTU’s academic breadth and wealth of significant contributions to human knowledge while the selections pay homage to the scholars who poured their heart and soul into their work.
The collections cover a long time span ranging from the Japanese colonial period, the postwar era, to the present, and are written in several languages (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, and English). The long time span and multilingual presentation encapsulate the socioeconomic transformation Taiwan has experienced over the past 90 years.
Dr. Kuo noted that for an individual, 90 years of age suggests spiritual and emotional maturity, for their life has come full circle. However, for an institution of higher learning, the passage of 90 years is merely a phase. NTU has been beset with numerous changes and challenges in recent months; yet there is no looking back now as the university commits itself to continuing being a change-maker for Taiwan, as it always has.
NTU has also been an incubator for many cutting-edge research efforts, education reforms, and opinion leaders. NTU faculty and students are also progressive thinkers, and their devotion is manifested in many areas, such as seed culture, medical service, public health, and technological innovation practices, which are documented and discussed in the collections, to augur what lies ahead for Taiwan. Each collection has an introductory section by experts and scholars to guide readers through the volumes.
NTU Press plans for these collections to form a classic that bridges past and future in the vast spectrum of human knowledge and resonates with the great monuments of human thought, innovation, and literature.