NTU Press at Hong Kong Book Fair2015-09-02

Touting a comprehensive catalogue covering more than 400 titles, NTU Press attracted Hong Kong book lovers at the Hong Kong Book Fair, which was held July 15-22.
After the Taipei International Book Exhibition and Frankfurt Book Fair, the Hong Kong Book Fair is the international book exhibition into which NTU Press pours the most effort.  Great NTU books that the Press sought to promote at the fair included:A Grand View of the Dream of the Red Chamber: A General Introduction,Selected Poems of Leung Ping-kwan, 1963-2012, A New Interpretation of Hegel, and Total War and Taiwan: A Study on the Collapse of Japanese Colonialism.
In comparison with other major international book shows, the Hong Kong Book Fair is a major marketing event for the buying and selling of books. Despite this, and the limited readership of academic books generally, NTU Press was delighted to find that readers in Hong Kong were interested in even some of the publisher's more challenging and less popular books.
Due to the Hong Kong burgeoning democracy movement, visitors expressed strong interest in publications on the development of democracy in Taiwan.  Consequently, The 'Republic of China' and the Politics of Taiwanization: The Changing Identity of Taiwan in Postwar East Asia, by Waseda University scholar Masahiro Wakabayashi, published by NTU Press, was a hot seller. Books on the history of Chinese thought also sold well, while even highly specialized books like Earthworm Fauna of Taiwan Biota Taiwanicaand Leech Fauna of Taiwan attracted some attentions and sold a few copies.
The book fair offered a special area dedicated to Taiwan's publishers this year. NTU Press teamed up with nine other Taiwanese university presses to operate a joint booth section and highlight the soft power of Taiwan's academic publishers.