Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics

Aristotle;Hsei-Yung Hsu (trans. & introduction)

  • PublishedAugust, 2023
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Rather than outright rejecting traditions, Aristotle’s "Nicomachean Ethics" aims to engage in a dialogue with the prevailing views on “happiness” by providing a rational and robust philosophical foundation. 
With the profound and enduring impact of "Nicomachean Ethics" on the development of Western ethics, this work delves deeply into various ethical issues since Aristotle's times, including the purpose of life and happiness, virtue, moral education, justice, and so on.


Translated, Annotated and Introduction by Hsei-Yung Hsu
Hsei-Yung Hsu is a Professor of Philosophy at National Taiwan University. 


第一卷 (A)
第二卷 (B)
第三卷 (Γ)
第四卷 (Δ)
第五卷 (E)
第六卷 (Z)
第七卷 (H)
第八卷 (Ɵ)
第九卷 (I)
第十卷 (K)
附件一 性格德性
附件二 關鍵辭彙簡表